Bali Vakantie Verhuur
About Bali Vakantie Verhuur

Bali Vakantie Verhuur (Bali Holiday Rentals) is a small Dutch company that specializes in renting luxury holiday villas on Bali and Lombok. In addition,Bali Vakantie Verhuur (Bali Holiday Rentals) offers its clients a superb selection of villas throughout Bali and Lombok excellent, fast and above all personal service in the field of customized travel planning

All the villas in the portfolio of Bali Vakantie Verhuur (Bali Holiday Rentals) have Dutch and Belgian owners, for which Bali Vakantie Verhuur (Bali Holiday Rentals) acts as a mediator and carries responsibility for all bookings. For Bali Vakantie Verhuur (Bali Holiday Rentals) the individual needs of the customer are the number one priority. We work according to the following priority areas, but if you want to know more about us please feel free to contact us. If you wish we can also arrange personal visits to your desired location, or to our offices to give a presentation about the villas and Bali and Lombok.

Exclusivity and diversity of accommodations
Bali Vakantie Verhuur (Bali Holiday Rentals) offers you an exclusive selection of luxury private villas right on the beach or in the beautiful inlands of Bali and Lombok, near tourist centers and far beyond. In our portfolio you will find accommodations ranging from two to twelve people. When you are traveling with a large group we can also provide several villas next to, or near each other.

If you are thinking of traveling across Bali and Lombok and wish to stay in multiple places, we are happy to help you with planning your tour and are able to select several accommodations from our portfolio. This makes it an easy and comfortable way of planning your tour across Bali and Lombok.

Our deluxe accommodations include the services of an experienced and friendly staff who can, if desired, prepare delicious meals, keep the villa clean and tidy and provide laundry services. The garden and pool are also looked after with great care by the staff. The staff of the accommodations speak reasonable English and they have, in most cases, worked in hotels and kitchens of various restaurants. The staff members have experience in receiving Dutch and Belgian guests and therefore have excellent skills in both European and Indonesian cooking. The staff of the various villas understand the art of being present in the background, though making sure you will lack nothing. The services of a chauffeur and masseuse are available on demand. During your stay at the villa(s) it is also possible to arrange a babysitter. In the vicinity of all the villas there is a Dutch help desk present. So if any unexpected ambiguities or problems occur during your stay on Bali and Lombok you can count on reliable and expert help.

Expert and fast service
Bali Vakantie Verhuur (Bali Holiday Rentals) considers adequate and rapid response to your requests and inquiries to be of paramount importance. Therefore you will receive a response to your request or inquiries within four hours. We are available to all of your questions by telephone from 08.00 to 22.00 and 24 hours a day via email.

Bali Vakantie Verhuur (Bali Holiday Rentals) has over 25 years of experience with (personal) holidays on Bali and many years of experience in renting luxury villas on Bali. Every year we visit the accommodations in our portfolio to check the quality of the villas in order to continue to meet the high standards that we set for all of our accommodations. We also ask our tenants to fill out an evaluation of the accommodation and service after their holidays. This allows us to maintain and even improve the excellent quality of the accommodations on offer.

Before departure we have frequent contact with our prospective tenants and we provide them with important booking and travel-documents such as a booking letter, receipt of deposit, and information for the home front. We are fully up-to-date on all the sightseeings of Bali and Lombok and can, if you wish, inform you on this topic.

Bali Vakantie Verhuur (Bali Holiday Rentals) handles your personal information with great care and abides by the law on privacy Bali Vakantie Verhuur (Bali Holiday Rentals) is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 17277441 and has the hallmark of the home shopping organization, membership number 5257.

Community involvement
With your visit to Bali and Lombok via Bali Vakantie Verhuur (Bali Holiday Rentals) you help the local communities of Bali and Lombok in a substantial way. The steady flow of tourists causes an increase in employment for the locals on the islands, which enables them to build a better future for themselves, their children and entire family. The staff members of the villas in particular receive a good salary and are therefore able to send their children to school. On Bali and Lombok good education is the key to a good future and the way to break the cycle of poverty.

It is not only your financial boost to the islands that is of value to the locals. During your stay on Bali and Lombok, you will notice how much pleasure and pride people take in showing you the beautiful nature and rich culture of their islands. As Bali Vakantie Verhuur (Bali Holiday Rentals) has established close personal contacts with the local population during the last decades, the drivers and staff can bring you to the most attractive places that usually stay hidden from tourists.

Bali Vakantie Verhuur (Bali Holiday Rentals) is active in the community and supports and sponsors several non-profit projects on Bali. Some examples: the Lion King orphanage in Singaraja and the High 5 Rehab Foundation. High 5 Rehab Foundation is an organization dedicated to serving disabled and underprivileged children and assists in rehabilitation, physiotherapy, education and awareness.